Title 11. Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units  

Chapter 1. Bonds and Warrants
Chapter 2. Playgrounds
Chapter 3. County and Municipal Fireworks Act
Chapter 4. Standard Fire-Fighting Equipment
Chapter 6. Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers
Chapter 7. Fire Protection
Chapter 8. Sewage Systems
Chapter 10. Business Allowing Consumption of Liquor on Premises
Chapter 13. Interlocal Cooperation Act
Chapter 14. Local Government Bonding Act
Chapter 14a. Notice of Debt Issuance
Chapter 17. Utah Industrial Facilities and Development Act
Chapter 21. Cycle Registration
Chapter 25. Utah Residential Rehabilitation Act
Chapter 26. Local Taxation of Utilities Limitation
Chapter 27. Utah Refunding Bond Act
Chapter 30. Utah Bond Validation Act
Chapter 31. Utah Public Finance Act
Chapter 32. Utah Interlocal Financing Authority Act
Chapter 34. Foreign Currency Bonds
Chapter 36a. Impact Fees Act
Chapter 38. Quality Growth Act
Chapter 39. Building Improvements and Public Works Projects
Chapter 40. Criminal Background Checks by Political Subdivisions Operating Water Systems
Chapter 41. Prohibition on Sales and Use Tax Incentive Payments Act
Chapter 42. Assessment Area Act
Chapter 43. Memorials and Public Land
Chapter 44. Facility Energy Efficiency Act
Chapter 45. Loan Program for Energy Efficiency Projects
Chapter 46. Animal Welfare Act
Chapter 47. Access to Elected Officials
Chapter 48. Emergency Response
Chapter 49. Political Subdivisions Ethics Review Commission
Chapter 50. Political Subdivision Financial Reporting Certification
Chapter 51. Local Jurisdiction Related to Federally Managed Land Act
Chapter 52. Contingency Plans