Title 13. Commerce and Trade  

Chapter 1. Department of Commerce
Chapter 1a. Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
Chapter 2. Division of Consumer Protection
Chapter 5. Unfair Practices Act
Chapter 5a. Unfair Competition Act
Chapter 5b. Integrated Health System Fair Practices Act
Chapter 7. Civil Rights
Chapter 8. Unenforceable Agreements
Chapter 9. Foreign Trade
Chapter 10. Unauthorized Recording Practices Act
Chapter 10a. Music Licensing Practices Act
Chapter 10b. Unlawful Recording of a Motion Picture
Chapter 11. Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act
Chapter 11a. Truth in Advertising
Chapter 12. Gasoline Products Marketing Act
Chapter 13. Motion Picture Fair Bidding Act
Chapter 14. New Automobile Franchise Act
Chapter 14a. Equipment Repurchase from Retail Dealers
Chapter 14b. Uniform Equipment Dealers Warranty Reimbursement Act
Chapter 15. Business Opportunity Disclosure Act
Chapter 19. Shopping Cart Retrieval Business
Chapter 20. New Motor Vehicle Warranties Act
Chapter 21. Credit Services Organizations Act
Chapter 22. Charitable Solicitations Act
Chapter 23. Health Spa Services Protection Act
Chapter 24. Uniform Trade Secrets Act
Chapter 25a. Telephone and Facsimile Solicitation Act
Chapter 26. Telephone Fraud Prevention Act
Chapter 28. Prize Notices Regulation Act
Chapter 31. Mold Retention and Lien Act
Chapter 32. Swap Meets and Flea Markets Act
Chapter 32a. Pawnshop and Secondhand Merchandise Transaction Information Act
Chapter 34. Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act
Chapter 34a. Utah Postsecondary School State Authorization Act
Chapter 35. Powersport Vehicle Franchise Act
Chapter 37. Notice of Intent to Sell Nonpublic Personal Information Act
Chapter 38a. Financial Transaction Card Protection Act
Chapter 39. Child Protection Registry
Chapter 40. Utah E-Commerce Integrity Act
Chapter 41. Price Controls During Emergencies Act
Chapter 42. Uniform Debt-Management Services Act
Chapter 43. Property Rights Ombudsman Act
Chapter 44. Protection of Personal Information Act
Chapter 45. Consumer Credit Protection Act
Chapter 47. Private Employer Verification Act
Chapter 48. Motor Vehicle Rental Company Disclosure Act
Chapter 49. Immigration Consultants Registration Act
Chapter 50. Residential Construction Contracts Act