Title 17. Counties  

Chapter 2. County Consolidations and Annexations
Chapter 3. Creating New Counties
Chapter 8. Flood Control Projects and Drought Emergencies
Chapter 11. Removal of County Seats
Chapter 12. Creating Bonded Indebtedness
Chapter 14. Support of Poor by Relatives
Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 16. County Officers
Chapter 16a. County Officers and Employees Disclosure Act
Chapter 17. County Assessor
Chapter 18a. Powers and Duties of County and District Attorney
Chapter 19a. County Auditor
Chapter 20. County Clerk
Chapter 21. Recorder
Chapter 21a. Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (Effective 7/1/2015)
Chapter 22. Sheriff
Chapter 23. County Surveyor
Chapter 24. County Treasurer
Chapter 25. Powers and Duties of Constables
Chapter 25a. Appointment and Authority of Constables
Chapter 26. County Hospitals
Chapter 27a. County Land Use, Development, and Management Act
Chapter 28. Firemen's Civil Service Commission
Chapter 30. Deputy Sheriffs - Merit System
Chapter 30a. Peace Officer Merit System in Counties of the First Class Act
Chapter 31. Recreational, Tourist, and Convention Bureaus
Chapter 32. Bail Commissioners
Chapter 33. County Personnel Management Act
Chapter 34. Municipal-Type Services to Unincorporated Areas
Chapter 35b. Consolidation of Local Government Units
Chapter 36. Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act for Counties
Chapter 37. Planetarium
Chapter 38. Zoos
Chapter 41. Agriculture and Industrial Protection Areas
Chapter 43. Local Human Services Act
Chapter 50. General Provisions for Counties
Chapter 51. Reserved
Chapter 52. Changing Forms of County Government
Chapter 53. County Executive, Legislative Body, and Other Officers