Title 26. Utah Health Code  

Chapter 1. Department of Health Organization
Chapter 2. Utah Vital Statistics Act
Chapter 3. Health Statistics
Chapter 4. Utah Medical Examiner Act
Chapter 5. Chronic Disease Control
Chapter 6. Utah Communicable Disease Control Act
Chapter 6b. Communicable Diseases - Treatment, Isolation, and Quarantine Procedures
Chapter 7. Health Promotion and Risk Reduction
Chapter 8a. Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act
Chapter 8b. Utah Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act
Chapter 9. Rural Health Services
Chapter 9f. Utah Digital Health Service Commission Act
Chapter 10. Family Health Services
Chapter 10b. Access to Health Care
Chapter 15. General Sanitation
Chapter 15a. Food Safety Manager Certification Act
Chapter 18. Medical Assistance Act
Chapter 18a. Kurt Oscarson Children's Organ Transplant Coordinating Committee
Chapter 18b. Organ Donation Contribution Fund
Chapter 19. Medical Benefits Recovery Act
Chapter 20. Utah False Claims Act
Chapter 21. Health Care Facility Licensing and Inspection Act
Chapter 21a. Cancer Programs
Chapter 21b. Sexual Assault Victim Protocols
Chapter 23. Enforcement Provisions and Penalties
Chapter 23a. Injury Reporting by Health Care Providers
Chapter 23b. Detection of Public Health Emergencies Act
Chapter 25. Confidential Information Release
Chapter 26. Experimental Animals
Chapter 28. Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Chapter 29. Elimination of Architectural Barriers for Persons with a Disability
Chapter 31. Human Blood Act
Chapter 33a. Utah Health Data Authority Act
Chapter 34. Uniform Determination of Death Act
Chapter 35a. Nursing Care Facility Assessment Act
Chapter 36a. Hospital Provider Assessment Act
Chapter 38. Utah Indoor Clean Air Act
Chapter 39. Utah Child Care Licensing Act
Chapter 40. Utah Children's Health Insurance Act
Chapter 41. Emergency Injection for Anaphylactic Reaction Act
Chapter 42. Civil Penalties for Tobacco Sales to Underage Persons
Chapter 43. Disclosure of Ingredients in Cigarette and Tobacco Products Act
Chapter 45. Genetic Testing Privacy Act
Chapter 46. Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program
Chapter 47. Health Care Assistance Act
Chapter 49. Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act
Chapter 50. Traumatic Brain Injury Fund
Chapter 51. Methamphetamine Decontamination Act
Chapter 52. Autism Treatment Account
Chapter 53. Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act
Chapter 54. Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund
Chapter 55. Emergency Administration of Opiate Antagonist Act
Chapter 56. Hemp Extract Registration Act