Title 31A. Insurance Code  

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration of the Insurance Laws
Chapter 3. Department Funding, Fees, and Taxes
Chapter 4. Insurers in General
Chapter 5. Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurance Corporations
Chapter 6a. Service Contracts
Chapter 6b. Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act
Chapter 7. Nonprofit Health Service Insurance Corporations
Chapter 8. Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Health Plans
Chapter 8a. Health Discount Program Consumer Protection Act
Chapter 9. Insurance Fraternals
Chapter 10. Annuities
Chapter 11. Motor Clubs
Chapter 12. State Risk Management Fund
Chapter 13. Employee Welfare Funds and Plans
Chapter 14. Foreign Insurers
Chapter 15. Unauthorized Insurers, Surplus Lines, and Risk Retention Groups
Chapter 16. Insurance Holding Companies
Chapter 17. Determination of Financial Condition
Chapter 18. Investments
Chapter 19a. Utah Rate Regulation Act
Chapter 20. Underwriting Restrictions
Chapter 21. Insurance Contracts in General
Chapter 22. Contracts in Specific Lines
Chapter 23a. Insurance Marketing - Licensing Producers, Consultants, and Reinsurance Intermediaries
Chapter 23b. Navigator License Act
Chapter 25. Third Party Administrators
Chapter 26. Insurance Adjusters
Chapter 27. Delinquency Administrative Action Provisions
Chapter 27a. Insurer Receivership Act
Chapter 28. Guaranty Associations
Chapter 29. Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool Act
Chapter 30. Individual, Small Employer, and Group Health Insurance Act
Chapter 31. Insurance Fraud Act
Chapter 32a. Medical Care Savings Account Act
Chapter 33. Workers' Compensation Fund
Chapter 34. Voluntary Health Insurance Purchasing Alliance Act
Chapter 35. Bail Bond Act
Chapter 36. Life Settlements Act
Chapter 37. Captive Insurance Companies Act
Chapter 37a. Special Purpose Financial Captive Insurance Company Act
Chapter 38. Federal Health Care Tax Credit Program Act
Chapter 39. Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
Chapter 40. Professional Employer Organization Licensing Act
Chapter 41. Title Insurance Recovery, Education, and Research Fund Act
Chapter 42. Defined Contribution Risk Adjuster Act
Chapter 43. Small Employer Stop-Loss Insurance Act