Title 4. Utah Agricultural Code  

Chapter 1. Short Title and General Provisions
Chapter 2. Department - State Chemist - Enforcement
Chapter 3. Utah Dairy Act
Chapter 4. Eggs
Chapter 5. Utah Wholesome Food Act
Chapter 7. Livestock Dealers' Act
Chapter 8. Agricultural Fair Trade Act
Chapter 9. Weights and Measures
Chapter 10. Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act
Chapter 11. Utah Bee Inspection Act
Chapter 12. Utah Commercial Feed Act
Chapter 13. Utah Fertilizer Act
Chapter 14. Utah Pesticide Control Act
Chapter 15. The Utah Nursery Act
Chapter 16. Utah Seed Act
Chapter 17. Utah Noxious Weed Act
Chapter 18. Conservation Commission Act
Chapter 19. Rural Rehabilitation
Chapter 20. Rangeland Improvement Act
Chapter 21. Beef Promotion
Chapter 22. Dairy Promotion Act
Chapter 23. Agricultural and Wildlife Damage Prevention Act
Chapter 24. Utah Livestock Brand and Anti-Theft Act
Chapter 25. Estraying and Trespassing Animals
Chapter 26. Animal Enclosures and Fences
Chapter 30. Livestock Markets
Chapter 31. Control of Animal Disease
Chapter 32. Utah Meat and Poultry Products Inspection and Licensing Act
Chapter 33. Motor Fuel Inspection Act
Chapter 34. Charitable Donation of Food
Chapter 35. Insect Infestation Emergency Control Act
Chapter 36. Pest Control Compact
Chapter 37. Aquaculture Act
Chapter 38. Utah Horse Regulation Act
Chapter 39. Domesticated Elk Act
Chapter 40. Cat and Dog Community Spay and Neuter Program Restricted Account Act
Chapter 41. Industrial Hemp Research Act