Title 53A. State System of Public Education  

Chapter 1. Administration of Public Education at the State Level
Chapter 1a. Utah Strategic Planning Act for Educational Excellence
Chapter 1b. School Readiness Initiative
Chapter 2. School Districts
Chapter 3. Local School Boards
Chapter 4. Public-Private Partnership for Educational Excellence Act
Chapter 5. Utah School Boards Association
Chapter 6. Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act
Chapter 7. Dispute Resolution
Chapter 8a. Public Education Human Resource Management Act
Chapter 11. Students in Public Schools
Chapter 11a. Bullying and Hazing
Chapter 12. Fees and Textbooks
Chapter 13. Curriculum in the Public Schools
Chapter 14. State Instructional Materials Commission
Chapter 15. Standards and Programs
Chapter 16. State Financing of Public Education
Chapter 17a. Minimum School Program Act
Chapter 18. School District Indebtedness
Chapter 19. School District Budgets
Chapter 20. School Construction
Chapter 20b. Charter School Financing
Chapter 21. Public Education Capital Outlay Act
Chapter 22. Construction of Schools in Districts with New Industrial Plants
Chapter 23. Building Reserve Fund
Chapter 24. State Office of Rehabilitation Act
Chapter 25a. Blind Persons' Literacy Rights and Education Act
Chapter 25b. Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
Chapter 26a. Interpreter Services for the Hearing Impaired Act
Chapter 28. Utah School Bond Guaranty Act
Chapter 29. Internships
Chapter 30. Internal Audits