Title 53B. State System of Higher Education  

Chapter 1. Governance, Powers, Rights, and Responsibilities
Chapter 2. Institutions of Higher Education
Chapter 2a. Utah College of Applied Technology
Chapter 3. Enforcement of Regulations at Institutions
Chapter 4. Compact for Western Regional Cooperation - Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Chapter 6. Master Planning
Chapter 7. Finance
Chapter 8. Tuition Waiver and Scholarships
Chapter 8a. Utah Educational Savings Plan
Chapter 8c. Police Officer's and Firefighter's Survivor Tuition Act
Chapter 8d. Tuition Waivers for Wards of the State Act
Chapter 8e. Utah Purple Heart Recipients' Tuition Act
Chapter 9. Higher Education for Senior Citizens
Chapter 10. Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loans Program
Chapter 11. Student Loan Program
Chapter 12. Higher Education Assistance Authority
Chapter 13. Higher Education Loan Act
Chapter 13a. Success Stipend Program Act
Chapter 13b. Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act
Chapter 14. Collection of Student Loans
Chapter 15. Collection of Student Loans from Public Employees
Chapter 16. Institutional Programs Generally
Chapter 17. University of Utah
Chapter 18. Utah State University
Chapter 19. State Arboreta
Chapter 20. Property Rights - Title and Control
Chapter 21. Revenue Bonds
Chapter 22. Higher Education Capital Projects
Chapter 23. Instructional Materials for Students with a Disability Act
Chapter 24. Utah Medical Education Council Act
Chapter 25. Internet Postsecondary Institution Privacy Act