Title 77. Utah Code of Criminal Procedure  

Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions
Chapter 2. Prosecution, Screening, and Diversion
Chapter 2a. Pleas in Abeyance
Chapter 3. Security to Keep the Peace
Chapter 3a. Stalking Injunctions
Chapter 4. Suppression of Resistance to Service of Process
Chapter 5. Impeachments
Chapter 6. Removal by Judicial Proceedings
Chapter 7. Arrest, by Whom, and How Made
Chapter 8. Lineups
Chapter 8a. Criminal Offense Charges
Chapter 9. Uniform Act on Fresh Pursuit
Chapter 10a. Grand Jury Reform
Chapter 13. Pleas
Chapter 14. Defenses
Chapter 15. Inquiry into Sanity of Defendant
Chapter 15a. Exemptions From Death Penalty In Capital Cases
Chapter 16a. Commitment and Treatment of Persons with a Mental Illness
Chapter 16b. Involuntary Feeding and Hydration of Inmates
Chapter 17. The Trial
Chapter 18. The Judgment
Chapter 18a. The Appeal
Chapter 19. The Execution
Chapter 20. Bail
Chapter 20b. Bail Surety
Chapter 21. Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from Without a State in Criminal Proceedings
Chapter 22. Subpoena Powers for Aid of Criminal Investigation and Grants of Immunity
Chapter 22a. Administrative Subpoenas in Controlled Substances Investigations
Chapter 22b. Grants of Immunity
Chapter 23. Search and Administrative Warrants
Chapter 23a. Interception of Communications Act
Chapter 23b. Access to Electronic Communications
Chapter 23c. Location Privacy for Electronic Devices
Chapter 24a. Lost or Mislaid Personal Property
Chapter 25. Justice Courts
Chapter 27. Pardons and Parole
Chapter 28. Western Interstate Corrections Compact
Chapter 28a. Interstate Corrections Compact
Chapter 28b. Interjurisdictional Transfer of Prisoners
Chapter 28c. Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
Chapter 29. Disposition of Detainers Against Prisoners
Chapter 30. Extradition
Chapter 32. Indigent Defense Act
Chapter 32a. Defense Costs
Chapter 33. Uniform Rendition of Prisoners as Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings Act
Chapter 34. Uniform Interstate Furlough Compact
Chapter 36. Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act
Chapter 37. Victims' Rights
Chapter 38. Rights of Crime Victims Act
Chapter 38a. Crime Victims Restitution Act
Chapter 39. Sale of Tobacco or Alcohol to Under Age Persons
Chapter 40. Utah Expungement Act
Chapter 41. Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry