Title 73. Water and Irrigation  

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. State Engineer - Division of Water Rights
Chapter 3. Appropriation
Chapter 3a. Water Exports
Chapter 3b. Groundwater Recharge and Recovery Act
Chapter 3c. Wastewater Reuse Act
Chapter 4. Determination of Water Rights
Chapter 5. Administration and Distribution
Chapter 5a. Dam Safety
Chapter 6. Withdrawal of Unappropriated Waters
Chapter 10. Board of Water Resources - Division of Water Resources
Chapter 10c. Water Development Coordinating Council
Chapter 10d. Utah Privatization Act
Chapter 10e. Water Development and Flood Mitigation Reserve Account
Chapter 10f. Bear River Development
Chapter 11. Consolidation of Water Companies and Conservation Districts
Chapter 12. Utah Lake Diking Project
Chapter 12a. Colorado River Compact
Chapter 13. Upper Colorado River Basin Compact
Chapter 15. Modification of Weather
Chapter 16. Amended Bear River Compact
Chapter 18. State Boating Act
Chapter 18a. Boating - Litter and Pollution Control
Chapter 18b. Water Safety
Chapter 18c. Financial Responsibility ofMotorboat Owners and Operators Act
Chapter 19. Columbia Interstate Compact
Chapter 20. Emergency Water Resources
Chapter 21. Ute Indian Water Compact
Chapter 22. Utah Geothermal Resource Conservation Act
Chapter 23. West Desert Pumping Project
Chapter 26. Bear River Development Act
Chapter 27. State Water Development Commission
Chapter 28. Lake Powell Pipeline Development Act
Chapter 29. Public Waters Access Act
Chapter 30. Great Salt Lake Advisory Council Act